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Learn to draw, learn to see

Have you always wanted to learn to draw, but don't know how and where?
Then why don't you take one of my courses about "Learn to draw, learn to observe"?

The content of the course is a continuous drawing training on the basis of photo templates and the teaching of theoretical background knowledge. You will learn to look closely and develop techniques to help you gain a spatial perspective. Shortening/perspective as well as anatomy features are part of the teaching.

€90 for 6 lessons (1.5h each) in a group. Please bring: 1 drawing pad A3, pencils (2H, B or HB and 2B) and an eraser. Drawing materials are limited available in the studio at cost price. You can purchase course vouchers in the form of gift cards.

Fundamentals of Painting/Color Theory

You like painting and would like to know how to use and mix beautiful colours?

You learn a basic understanding of color on the basis of the color circle and by mixing develop your own color identity. The reconstruction of an already made color tone, the development of a color gradients and also the proper brush maintenance are part of the course. Colours and brushes are available.

€150 for 6 lessons (2h each) in the group. Paints, brushes and additional material are available.

Open Studio

You would like to paint or draw from time to time, but you don't have a suitable room and the right equipment?

I offer you the place and the possibility to paint and experiment with color. A large selection of motifs, easels, colours and brushes are at your disposal. You do not need any previous experience. Come flexibly to any of the offered dates of the "Open Studio", whenever you want. Please inform me about your visit at least 2 hours in advance!

Flexible number of hours for €12.50 per hour (minimum booking 2 hours). Equipment and materials are included (except canvases). Cheap canvases can be purchased. As a giveaway or gift option, I offer you the opportunity to purchase a point card for any number of hours you would like.

Do you have any questions or haven't found what you're looking for?

Please contact me for personal offers like workshops, special courses, events, etc.


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